Zoysia Grass

zoysia grass
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Zoysia Grass – (Zoysia japonica) is a fine leafed perennial spreading by stolons and short rhizomes. Loves the hot dry areas but turns brown with frost in cooler areas. It is sometimes used in transition zones and cool zones.

Zoysia Grass can be Invasive

I’ve often seen it used as an over seed or lawn patch in cold zones such as the Boston area. It turns almost white in winter and takes quite a while to come out of dormancy. Usually late May to June. It will also spread to areas unwanted creating a invasive plant.

Some characteristics of the Zoysia grass plant:

Leaves are rolled into the bud  zoysia grass
Medium collar with long hairs
Blades are sharp, short and pointed
Ligule has fringe of hairs
Seed head is in the form of a spike



Zoysia grass does well in the shade but thrives when planted in full sun. It is slow to establish. This grass type will tolerate salt and foot traffic. It is drought tolerant but an inch of water per week is recommended.

It is generally planted vegetative through plugging, sprigs or sod.
Seed is available and should be applied at 1 – 2 pounds of seed per 1000 square feet. This grass type is not for cool season climates!
Zoysia grass seed is available here.

Plugs should be spaced 8 – 12 inches apart.
Sprigs should be planted 6” apart.
Sod is your best option

Zoysia grass should be mowed at 1” – 2” with no more that a third of the plant being removed at a time. If thatch build up to more than ½ inch then it should be mechanically removed.

Zoysiagrass is not one of the warm season grasses that is over seeded in winter with ryegrass.


Problem insects for Zoysia Grass

White grubs
Mole Crickets

Problem Diseases

Dollar Spot

Like most grass types, Zoysiagrass does well when all the recommended cultural practices that we talk about on this website are followed.

There are many cultivars available and more on the way. New and improved, many are now insect resistant and establish better.

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