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Coming spring of 2013 in conjunction with Comfylawn landscaping, will be holding a 10 year study. Considered an organic lawn care workshop, we will investigate the effects of synthetic fertilizers incorporated into an organic natural lawn.

Organic Lawn Workshop

Our header states “Can synthetic and organic fertilizers coincide?” and we will do our best to find these answers in our lawn workshop. I am not a soil expert nor have a PhD in the field. I consider myself a life long student and I want answers.

Lawnrage .com will investigate the effects of fertilizers by starting with untouched lawn plots. Beginning with soil testing at UMASS and soil bio assays, we can discover through this organic lawn workshop, how much is too much as it applies to synthetic lawn fertilizers.

I believe the effects on the microbe biology in the soil is where our main focus is going to be. Soil structure is also of great importance.

I will be using my micro-scope to find the before and after effects of using the fertilizers. Also, we will be using various amounts of fertilizers to see if there is an acceptable range.

As I write this it is the end of February 2013 and I am looking forward getting this organic lawn workshop going as soon as the ground thaws. We are located a bit north of Boston MA.
organic lawn workshop accepts participation from you. Whether positive and negative, this is an opportunity to learn for everyone. We will be starting a forum at some point, and hope to get different views from both professional and recreational gardeners.

I will devote as much time as possible to this lawn workshop. I do run an organic lawn company that is very busy but it also gives me much opportunity to try different things and get many chances for photos and video. The majority of my lawn care customers are also willing to participate.

See You soon!

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