When to Aerate Lawn

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aerate-lawnWhen to aerate lawn? Well that question can mean what time of year to aerate or what conditions of the grass would need you to consider aeration.

Aerating lawns is essential when transforming your yard from conventional to organic and when renovating your lawn

By using a mechanical core aerator it enables you to apply organic matter, compost tea and nutrients directly into the soil, thus getting the applications to the root system quicker.

How can you tell if you have to aerate lawn?

Clear indicators are:

  • Moss
  • Certain weeds love compacted soil (plantain, crabgrass, knotweed)
  • No grass can grow
  • Hardpan
  • Water puddles or runs off easily
  • Test results have a high magnesium level
  • Low organic matter percentage

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Aerating lawns is basically the same physical actions as mowing or your grass. Just back and forth and repeat perpandicular to your first direction. Aerating lawn twice is recommended so try to do the job right while you have the machine.

Renting a mechanical aerator for half a day will run you about $30 – $40. It’s more strenuous than using a thatching machine or mower, so use caution and get someone to help if necessary.

I tell people all the time, try to get your neighbors involved, not only does it create a healthier neighborhood it saves on labor and money. Get together and you could do 2-4 yards in a weekend depending on their size. Hiring a landscaper to do the aerating for you shouldn’t run to much money either.

Aerate lawn while the grass is a tiny bit moist is optimal as the plugs hold together and pull out better. The day after a light rain the previous night is great time for aerating lawns.

Aerate lawn with a mechanical core aerating machine

Aerate lawn with an actual core aerator that pulls out the plugs from the soil and dispenses them on top of the turf.

There are many devices out there that claim to be good at aerating lawns but I don’t find them to be effective, in fact many compound
the problem by just pushing the loam tighter around the penitrated hole. For example: spiked shoes, rotary spiked machines etc.

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