Organic Lawn Tips

organic lawn tips
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Learning about organic lawn tips means you want to begin making the right choice in your yard and eliminate pesticides.  You have to be out of touch with the earth if you haven’t heard about all the concerns using chemical fertilizers and insecticides.

But what if your lawn has issues and you think the only way to have green grass is to use synthetic fertilizers and pesticides?  Reading a few organic lawn tips can save you money and you’ll feel good about your environment.  If you have children or pets, you’ll be creating a safer place for them.

Why do you have all these problems with your lawn?  Chemical fertilizers and pesticides only cover-up issues you have instead of fixing the lawn problem.  That’s why they have to be applied year after year.

Follow these how to organic lawn tips and steps and soon your family will be enjoying a beautiful natural yard.

Test Your Soil – We as a society have been convinced to through our money away regarding lawn care.  Why would you nutrients and pesticides if your lawn doesn’t need it?  A soil test is cheap and easy to do and one of the many important organic lawn tips.

Adjust pH – Having the correct pH (6.8 – 7.2) allows the grass to absorb the nutrients available to it.  It’s not always lime that you need to raise pH.  A correct pH will help eliminate the need for many chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  It takes time to correct pH so the sooner you take your soil test and get the results the better.

Lawn Mowing – Cut your lawn higher.  Right around 3 inches would be great.  Helps prevent weeds, cools the soil, plus the grass will look greener because there is more foliage showing.  Having a lawn that is 3 inches is not high at all.  You’ll be surprised how different and appealing your grass can be when you leave it high.

Don’t Bag Your Clippings – Leaving your grass clippings on your lawn when you mow applies 1 pound of free nitrogen a year.  It’s less work and you save money.  Of course, don’t leave big clumps.


Easy Organic Lawn Tips


Compost Tea – Apply compost tea instead of fertilizers.  Compost tea or worm tea is easy to make and apply.  It provides the biology in the soil which eats the organic matter (compost) and turn it into free fertilizer.

Top Dress Your Lawn – Lightly topdressing your lawn with compost once or twice a year for a couple of years and you may never have to fertilize your lawn again.  It’s food for compost tea you’ll spray.  Top dressing your grass with rich loam soil or compost is one of the most important organic lawn tips.

Water Your Grass – Weeds love light every day lawn watering. Deep watering every few days will give you long grass roots, which help during dry hot periods.  Conserving water is everybody’s responsibility.  Sustainability and conservation is a crucial organic lawn tip.

Over Seed – Occasionally over seeding your lawn helps prevent weeds.  If the grass is thick then there is no room for weed seeds to germinate.  Use a nice mix of different grass seed to adapt to your yard.

Aerate – Soil compaction is regarded as the #1 lawn problem.  An organic lawn doesn’t have compaction issues.  If you’re transitioning to natural lawn care, aerating the grass is important.

Thatch – Over ½ inch of thatch is bad for healthy green grass.  Organic lawns do not have excess thatch.  Fungi in the soil break it naturally.  Use a thatching machine if you grass has too much thatch.

Have Fun – Natural lawn care is a healthy and challenging hobby.  The key to organic lawn tips is to have patience and you’ll soon see the difference.  And you’ll always know your family and pets aren’t playing on chemically treated grass.

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