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Learn how to organic lawn care and you’ll not only be helping our environment and the safety of your yard but you’ll be saving lots of money.  Fertilizing companies know how to sell you their products and services.  They’ll convince you that if you don’t use there chemical fertilizers, your lawn and yard will look horrible and you’ll be the embarrassment in the community.

You’re smarter than that.  Tobacco companies got away with it for years and look what happened.

The Best How to Lawn Care Program Available
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80 Minute Video + Your FREE 110 Page Guide
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Do you want to learn how to organic lawn care or just simply have nice green grass without much effort or maintenance? Would you rather have all the lawn tips you’ll ever need through video rather than all that endless reading and searching?

My name is Earl McGhee and with my education and years of experience, I will show you how to grow a beautiful green lawn the easiest, least expensive way possible. All with no chemical fertilizers! We offer the best organic lawn care program available.

A Weed Free Lawn That Stays Green
If you are reading this page it’s a safe bet that you care about the health and safety of your family more than the average person. But did you know that being so environmentally conscious about your lawn can also translate into significant dollars in your pocket when it’s time to sell your home?

Best of both worlds – safety and more equity. Here are a few facts you might not know:

learn how to organic lawn careGreen homes, and that includes green landscapes, sell for 8.5% to 25% more than other homes depending on your area of the country…and, green homes were on the market for less time before going under contract.

A well-maintained landscape can mean an additional 15% increase in your home’s value.  First impressions are so important.  If your landscape is appealing and natural, most people will think you take of the home also.

End the Same Old Lawn Problems You Have Year After Year

“When my husband lost his job, one of the first things to go was the lawn care company. Pregnant with our second child, we were not happy with the yellow warning fertilizer flags on the lawn anyway. We ordered the Lawn Rage video last spring. It is light, easy to watch, and most importantly, told us what we needed and didn’t need to do. By the beginning of summer we were having picnics on our nice lawn with our neighbors (who also ordered the video in September). Highly recommend because for less than $20, you get useful information to inexpensively improve your home…”

Cindy – Stow MA

“I found the video to be informative and easy to understand with step by step instructions that gave me really great results. Repairing my lawn and keeping it green was easier than I thought, especially without using regular fertilizer. Now my neighbors and friends all want to know how I got my lawn looking so nice all summer long.”

….David – Camp Hill PA

Learn how to organic lawn care

learn organic lawn care
80 Minute Video + Your FREE 110 Page Guide
All This For Just


Buy my product

We’ll give you a 60 day money back guarantee if your not satisfied with the product for any reason

So going green is not only the best thing you can do for the health of your family, but it also will put more green in your pocket. green home And those are just two of the feel-good benefits of the simple and effective how to organic lawn care program I’ve developed for you.

How to organic Lawn Care is the answer you have been seeking for your home and family. I have been I the lawn business for more than 30 years and I have never come across a organic lawn program that is as effective and as economical in getting you what you want for your home and environment.

How did I develop the program? Quite simply, when I started in this business, I did what everyone else did – I used chemical fertilizers. They were cheap, quick to apply and the results could be seen in days. I made a lot of money, too. But, I could barely breathe sometimes. You know, almost like the dust is stuck to your lips and inside your mouth. My hands were dry, chapped and cut up – really painful.

Then came all the medical research news about the negative effects from fertilizers and pesticides on human health. That was it for me. Something had to change and the change started with me.

Sample our Video !

Now if you’ve read enough and want me to cut to the chase, I am offering my full How to Organic Lawn Care DVD download for just $9.00. Compared with a full year of chemicals from one of the big franchises, this is truly a bargain and represents years of perfecting on my part. Oh, and I’m including the how to organic lawn care companion guide for free so you can take it outside or to the garden shed with you.

Buy my product
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However, if you need more information, continue on…

I had just started to experiment with a complete organic lawn care service with my clients when my son was born. That was the final push that I needed to perfect my program. You see, I didn’t want my new child anywhere near a chemically treated lawn. If I felt that sick after my day around fertilized lawns, just imagine an infant crawling on grass – breathing in the harmful fumes and getting the chemicals all over his hands.

(You know where children’s hands end up – in their mouths!)

So I accelerated my efforts, joined NOFA, became an AOLCP, and completed what I believe to be the only way to go when it comes to lawns – completely organic and environmentally friendly.

You are probably asking, what about cost? Don’t most things that are organic cost more?

The answer is no. Chemicals and other procedures that manipulate your lawn are actually more expensive. You could spend $50-60 per treatment with a franchise chemical fertilizer company – that’s $200-$240 per year. Compare that with the cost of my learn how to organic lawn care DVD download and the free companion guide which are only $9.00.

Less expensive in this case does not mean cheap or poor quality. I guarantee that this learn how to organic lawn care program (which, by the way, is fully customization to your specific lawn conditions) will give you a better looking, safer, healthier lawn and environment than anything you have ever tried before. (In 30 years, I’ve tried everything else, believe me.)

Special Lawn Care Tips For Every Subject

Perhaps you are wondering how I’ve made this program easy, quick and effective…in fact, something anyone can do.

I’ve organized the learn how to organic lawn care video into 11 chapters which guide you step-by-step:

Learn How to Organic Lawn Care

Chapter 1 – The overview of the process from start to finish. Here is your road map to lawn success.

Chapter 2 – How to examine your soil and its characteristics so that you know what it is lacking. The beginning of your organic lawn care program

Chapter 3 – How to reverse the years of abuse your soil and lawn have endured. Not a single landscaper I know will take the time to do this critical step. They just add more chemicals to cover up the issues.

Chapter 4 – What a soil test can tell you about what your soil needs to create the perfect environment for grass to grow and thrive.

Chapter 5– Amending your soil with compost tea (recipe included!) reverses years of neglect and mismanagement. It creates an environment that is rich in nutrients and microbes – just what your lawn needs to prosper.

Chapter 6 – This chapter is all about grass seed. And no, they all are not the same nor is every type appropriate for every lawn.

Chapter 7 – Watering a lawn is not just about turning on the hose. When is the best time to water, how long and how much? You’d be surprised at the answers to these questions when you learn how to organic lawn care.

Chapter 8 – Most of us learned how to mow a lawn when we were kids. But how your mow and how often are critical maintenance skills for your lawn. Definitely not kid’s stuff.

Chapter 9 – Here I show you how to do a proper thatching and aerating of your lawn. It’s one of those skills that I had to learn by trial and error and you get the benefit of my experience here without waiting years to learn like I did!

Chapter 10 – The pesky parts of lawn care: weeds, insects and disease. Learn how to organic lawn care and you’ll see it’s easy it is to conquer these problems.

Chapter 11 – Renovate even the most hideous lawn with our simple, proven system. All done with no chemicals!

And, as a reward for your work and following your how to organic lawn care program, you actually will need to do less lawn work in the future because one of the principal benefits of a truly organic environment is that it is sustaining. Do it right and your time spent on lawn maintenance becomes less and less over time.

Very few people know what you now know… having a natural lawn is one of the most effective ways to learn how to organic lawn care to add value to your home at a very small investment of time and money. Knowing that your grass is safe for your family and pets gives you peace of mind.

Knowing that all this is possible for anyone of any skill level who can follow the simple, step-by-step instructions in the learn how to organic lawn care video and companion guide is more than worth the small price for the satisfaction of a job extremely well done.

Discover what hundreds of homeowners just like you have found: there isn’t a better learn how to organic lawn care program out there at any price. That’s why we offer our money-back guarantee. You can be completely confident that your purchase will give you the safe, chemical-free lawn that is absolutely the best place for your children and pets to play. Give it a try…you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.

learn organic lawn care
80 Minute Video + Your FREE 110 Page Guide
All This For Just


Buy my product

We’ll give you a 60 day money back guarantee if your not satisfied with the learn how to organic lawn care program for any reason.

Enjoy the Present While We
Hope For The Future!

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