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A lawn video can help you learn about landscaping and gardening and lawn care. What is nice about a lawn video is that you can take it outside with you and learn as you work. With all the new mobile devices available today, learning about lawn care is easier than ever.

lawn videoI will try to have a lawn video that covers every subject regarding grass and turf maintenance. Some of these videos are available on our Lawn Care Naturally video for $5.00. That has 80 minutes and 11 chapters discussing organic lawns.

Some of these videos are also viewed on YouTube. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel, as we are always updating and adding new material.

Other clips are just fun stuff and research clips that I put together. Some videos may be duplicates from different posts on this site. I just wanted to have a page exclusively for the lawn video topic.

As we get the organic/synthetic fertilizer workshop going we will add many more as the entire project will be recorded.

I will give a brief discription on the subject at hand. There will be a link to the post if you want to learn more. I will try to organize this as best as I can.

Enjoy and leave your comments.

Aerating Lawn Video

Compact soil is the number one issue with lawn care. This lawn video discusses aerating and compacted soils.

This lawn aeration video shows a woman aerating and how easy it can be. Also shown are soil plugs littering the lawn after aerating.

This lawn aerating video is an aerial clip filmed from on top of a roof. It shows the different directions I go as I aerate which is important in lawn care.

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Lawn Dethatching Video

How to get rid of lawn thatch and keeping it out of the grass is important. Thatching a lawn is easy and we show you the best way.

Here is another dethatching lawn video. Over lap the thatching machine wheels. This guy seems to go overboard abit on the power rake.

After dethatching a lawn the thatch must be removed. Using a back pack blower is your best option. Of course, you could always use a rake to remove dead thatch.

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Lawn Mower Video

To cut the grass or mow the lawn can be a tedious task. It is also important in lawn care especially orgnanic lawn care. Mowing the lawn correctly solves many issues.

This next lawn mower video, I’m checking oil and leveling it off. I’m also cleaning under the deck with a scraper to get all the excess grass clippings off. This is an old Scag mower. It was one of my first mowers but always one of the best.

Lawn mowing patterns are important. You’re working hard so you might as well have it look great. Striping a lawn is easy. Make it look like a major league baseball park by going in diagonal criss cross patterns.

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