Lawn Pesticides Kill Good Insects In Soil

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If you use insecticides and lawn pesticides because someone tells you that you may have a insect problem, you’re going to be killing most of the bugs in your lawn.

Good insects and harmful insects both exist in your lawn soil. Most pesticides don’t discriminate which bugs die.  There are very few products that are selective.  A grub killer product will generally kill many many insects.

The annual marketing campaign selling brands of lawn pesticides and insecticides convince the less informed that their lawns are facing doom if we do not buy their unnecessary products.

If you do have insect issues there is always an underlying issue.  Until you fix the reason of why you have damage, you’re going have the same lawn problem every year regardless of what you apply.

Not only are you killing the target insect, you’re killing the beneficial insects, microbes, butterflies and our friends the earthworms. It’s dangerous to you, pregnant women, your children, your pets and the environment.

There is always a better way.

Lawn Pesticides Are Rarely Necessary


lawn pesticides and insecticidesThe everything has a predator saying is true. There is a good reason chemical lawn pesticides use companies put that caution sign on your lawn when there done their application. Many times throughout history companies have done research on the products they develop and say their safe but the problem is 20 years later.  Only then are the residual effects of there products coming to light.

All for an insect free lawn. A problem that probably never
existed in the first place.


Let’s go over some important things to look for. Every lawn has insects.  Life on earth involves them so get used to it. Because you see grubs in your lawn when you dig a hole doesn’t mean their going to eat
your lawn over night.

Even if you were thinking of lawn pesticide use, if the damage is caused by insects, the damage is done. You’re not going to reverse it by putting down insecticides.

Using pesticides on a lawn is usually only effective as a preventive defense. Once again, using insecticides because of a maybe is irresponsible.

There are very effective organic insecticides available but first you must do a bit of research. You’ve got to know the insect. What it is, it’s stages in life, the damage it does, when it’s most venerable and most important, it’s predator.

Development of effective predatory nematodes, are really coming along.  Milky Spore is effective with some grubs, and as we mentioned before, endophyte infected grasses are really making headway in preventing above ground insect problems.

If you have repeated issues a combined use of nematodes and Milky Spore should solve your issues.  They’re more effective after a couple years of use. Don’t waist your money and time though unless you identify the problem.

Just by following the correct cultural practices we’ve talked about like thatch, water and mowing, you will keep most problem insects at bay. What may appear to be insect damage could actually be caused by something completely different and lawn pesticides will not solve that.

Lawn Pesticides Ruin Your Soil

If you do have an issue, the first thing that has to be done is to know what insect your dealing with.  Killing the wrong bugs can mean your eliminating the problem insects predator. Go online and find it and then you can you go on from there with confidence.

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