Lawn Mower Battery

A fully charged lawn mower battery is reliable

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A lawn mower battery can be your best friend at times when mowing the lawn. Making the choice between a pull start mower or an electric start mower isn’t only physical but also financial.

The decision of which lawn mower to buy can be a difference of a few hundred dollars. Having a battery on the lawn mower can mean having a sore arm from pulling the start cord or as simple as turning a key.

In early spring or late autumn is when having a lawn mower battery really matters. The frustration of starting a lawn mower in the cold weather can sometimes make the difference of whether the grass gets cut that day or not.

A battery electric start lawn mower saves you physically and emotionally. We all know how emotionally frustrating it is to start the mower at times. Not having batteries to start the engine leaves you wondering what could be wrong.

A Lawn Mower Battery Starts the Engine Quickly


Batteries also save you harm on your:lawn mower battery

  • Shoulder
  • Bicep
  • Wrist
  • Back
  • Fingers
  • Etc.


A Riding Lawn Mower Will Generally Have
a Lawn Mower Battery



  • Commercial mowers commonly have batteries
  • Typical residential walk behind mowers, however, will not


Environmentally friendly rechargeable lawn mowers these days are battery operated. Many come equipped with long-lasting Lithium batteries, which may be the way of the future. Spending extra money on these mowers seems to be a good idea.>

Not only are battery-operated lawn mowers easy to start, they are also very quite. No emissions and no noise pollution. Nice!
mower battery

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Many different mower brands require batteries. From Toro lawn mowers, John Deere, Sears, Mtd, Black and Decker, Neutron, Worx, Greenworks and many more.

Yes, having a mower battery may cost a bit more money when you purchase a lawn tractor or a cordless mower. When you weigh the difference in environmental concerns and physical damage you can do to your self, the few dollars for a battery certainly seems worth it.

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