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A lawn edger can be the final touch in your yard accenting the borders of grass and rest of your landscape. It is a lawn tool that is underrated and can certainly give you the “edge” if competing for the nicest yard in the neighborhood.

There are two different aspects of lawn edging

  • Manually edging the lawn
  • Using materials to form an edge

This page concentrates on forming an edge on your lawn beds. If you are interested on installing materials for edging you can go to our lawn edging materials page.


A Lawn Edger Makes a Landscape Crisp and Neat

Edging a lawn takes a bit more effort but the results certainly make it worth it. It can be accomplished by using a:

  • Half moon edger
  • Gas or electric powered edger
  • Grass trimmer


Go here if you’re looking for materials to purchase for lawn edging.


Half Moon Lawn Edger

This is my favorite tool when creating a landscape edge. It is especially effective when forming an edge between grass and bark mulch. I’m sure a gas-powered edger is quicker but the half moon edger is what I’ve used since I was a kid and I’m just accustomed to it. I suppose a flat shovel could be used but the half moon is certainly easier.

When forming a new planting bed you may want to mark out the pattern you want to edge.lawn edgerRemember to always step back and think about what you’re doing. Observe the area in question from different angles. Imagine how it is going to look from street view, the front door or driveway.

There are many patterns you can use when edging a lawn. Kidney shape, circular or oval are popular. Once again step back and think before you do all the work and make sure you’ll be happy.

Using a half moon lawn edger is easy once you get used to it. Place the edger down where you want, step on it and go down 2 – 3 inches. Pull the handle of the edging tool towards you to separate the sod piece.

Continue down the pattern you choose. Once you get used to it, you move pretty quick. Step back and observe again and again. Are your lines straight? Make sure you are following your pattern correctly. If you make a mistake you can easily bang the sod back together with your foot.

Once the edge is formed and separated from the lawn, simply remove the unwanted sod and shake out any soil you want to keep.

If you have an existing bed just follow the same instructions stated. If you edge the beds every spring you should only have to take off an inch or less of sod.

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Gas or Electric Powered Lawn Edger

A gas or electric powered edger can certainly speed things up on a large job. Many homeowners will not have the need for a powered edger but if your yard is big enough a small investment could be worth it.

grass edgers

A gas-powered edger will have more power than an electric edger. The gas-powered will generally be a 2-cycle engine and need gas oil mix. You’ll need a long extension cord for the electric powered.

Use the same ideas as the half moon edger and pay attention to your patterns. Step back and observe how you are doing.

A general rule of thumb in landscaping is to keep your patterns consistent if you can. That rule is not set in stone and is and should be broken depending on each individual situations.

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Grass trimmer

Grass trimmers are general use is to maintain an already existing edge. It would be tough for the trimmer to go down the necessary 2 – 3 inches.
edging a lawn

If a grass trimmer is turned so string is cutting straight down it can keep the lawn edge crisp through out the year. It can be done as often as you prefer when you cut the lawn. I usually do it every 2 – 3 weeks.


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Use Caution and Eye Protection When Using a Grass Trimmer As A Lawn Edger

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