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Welcome to Lawn Rage’s organic lawn blog. Here you find a summary of our lawn care workshop topics. If you have visited our site, you know that we believe in a natural approach maintaining our landscape. Can organic and synthetic fertilizers coincide? That is a question we raise.

Organic lawn blog for a natural approach

lawn blogSynthetic fertilizers hurt soil structure. It also effects important biology in organic matter. Yet the common home owner wants to enjoy a beautiful green lawn.

Organic lawn care fertilizers take a while to produce results. Synthetic fertilizers take only a short time. Chemical products can harm the environment. There are many questions about health of humans and pets. Most consumers seem to be able to accept it in order to create a green lawn.

Lawn Rage’s organic lawn blog needs to find if there is happy medium. Is possible to appease both the traditional step fertilizer users and organic lawn care proponents? Are there certain limits of sythetic ferilizers that can be applied without severely damaging the soil food web?

Our organic lawn blog has many natural lawn care maintenance topics. Covering soil management or simply mowing the lawn. Every step is important to gaining a successful “green” yard. We have many how-to pictures to accompany the lawn blog topic we discuss. Videos are available with many of the lawn blog posts. You can also find more videos on our organic lawn care video page.

Knowledge is the first step in how to achieve beautiful grass. Our organic lawn blog covers every topic in depth. We offer some natural products in our store. Our popular organic lawn video and book available for five dollars.

We hope you enjoy our organic lawn blog. If you have any question do not hesitate to contact me.

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