How to Aerate Lawn

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How to aerate lawn?  Well, If your not coring a soil plug your not aerating

aerate-lawnUsing a mechanical aerator is also effective in reducing lawn thatch. The plugs left on top of the grass will naturally break down thatch. If your thatch isn’t too thick then aerating a lawn is your best course of action. It’s less damaging and stressful to your turf.

You can aerate lawn any time of the year as long as the grass is actively growing. The best time for aerating lawns is late summer or early autumn. Try to avoid the heat of summer as aerating does cause some stress and drought situations are already stressful.

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How to Aerate Lawn to Allieviate Soil Compaction

If you apply pre-emergent herbicides such as corn gluten, you shouldn’t aerate lawn for several weeks there after. It will disrupt the weed preventive barrier thus reducing the effectivness of the application.

An aerator moves forward easily but can be difficult to turn

Aerating when transitioning from chemical to organic is usually necessary. Once the organic grass is established and nutrient exchange is happening naturally, mechanically aerating turf will be a thing of the past.

If you don’t follow the guidelines for the rest of your personal program compaction will happen again.

Soil texture affects compaction

Clay soils have to be aerated more often than sandy. Using Garden Gypsum could help loosen up some of that clay.

Remember the calcium to magnesium ratio we talked about on our Percent Base Saturation page? High magnesium levels will cause compaction so yes the machine will alleviate the top 3 inches but what about deeper? Grass roots certainly need to grow longer than that.

Aerate Lawn Every Year If Synthetic Fertilizers are Used

Adjusting your soil to the test results is important

I know I, to say they least, I harp on the testing through out this website but soil affects every aspect of your grass and your personal lawn care program.

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