How Grass Grows

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How grass grows seems to baffle many people. It’s why all these cheap, quick germinating seeds and lawn patch products sell in great quantities. With quick grass growing schemes, mediocre results occur and when next season rolls around and you’ve got to seed the lawn again. Grow grass correctly the first time and you’ll enjoy years of a healthy plush lawn.

Like anything else in life, if you know even a little bit about the subject you’ll have better odds at succeeding. How grass grows is no different.

How Grass Grows

Grass types don’t generally have a chance to multiply and spread by seed because of the mower repeatedly cutting it, so depending on your turf grass variety, how grass grows depends on the lawn plant spreading on it’s own.

Grass plants spread by:

  • Stolons – which spread by a stem above the ground
  • Rhizome – which spread by a stem below the ground
  • Tiller – which spread from the base of the grass plant


How Grass Grows with New Seed Varieties

New cultivars and variehow grass growsties being developed withstand drought, pest problems and require less maintenance.

Many cultivars of certain types of grass now have naturally occurring fungi growing within them called endophytes. The fungi and grass plant live symbiotically. Meaning they enhance each other by living together.

The grass supplies carbohydrates to the fungi and in return the fungi give the grass plant alkaloids that benefit and protect the grass from above ground insects.

The grass benefiting from the alkaloids is also more drought, insect and disease resistant.

Endophyte enhanced grass types do not protect from
root eating insects or grubs

One concern is alkaloids are toxic to ruminants and possibly other animals that eat grass. So be aware of that. Use endophytic grass seed in combination with a typical grass seed mix if you’ve had issues with your lawn in the past.

The fact that these grass varieties demand less water and pesticides is certainly a positive turn for the future of lawn care and the environment.

How Grass Grows Depends on Choosing High Quality Seed

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