Choose Lawn Fertilizer Organic Or Chemical

organic vs chemical
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The moral dilemma when you choose lawn fertilizer organic or chemical is challenging more people every year. Environmental issues are included in every newscast and are debated on a regular basis.

Exposure to chemicals, whether long or short term will scare even the bravest individual. Yet, most people and certainly companies that profit from synthetic fertilizer sales just don’t care as long as their home lawn is green. Imagine going to a professional sporting event and the grass is brown or has weeds?

The lawn fertilizer choice organic or chemical debate will probably exist longer than cigarette smoking was acceptable.  Unknown of it’s long term effects, future generations will have to deal forefathers grim mistakes.  But can there be some compromise?  Can we eliminate certain pesticides and higher concentrations of chemical fertilizers when you choose lawn fertilizer and still be satisfied with the results of our grass ?

Choose Lawn Fertilizer

Organic or Chemical ?

Judged by the color of its skin, the health of green grass can quickly be determined by even the least experienced gardener.  Its deficiencies are evident and the lack of a green lawn is regularly blamed solely on its caretaker.

Organic lawn care proponents do have issues with the color of a lawn. If the grass is too green, the homeowner must be choosing synthetic fertilizers. If the yard isn’t green enough, their arguments of how effective an organic lawn care program is shot down.

Popular belief is the more applications of chemical fertilizers “steps” is how to have a greener lawn.   Sure it’s effective as a quick fix but it’s detrimental to health and the environment.  Organic lawn advocates state using natural fertilizers is the only option in achieving a healthy ecosystem and a safe lawn for pets and children.

So, who’s correct.  Sure in a perfect world no one would want to choose synthetic lawn fertilizers but “perfect” is not where we live.  People want immediate results – the best bang for their buck.  Organic lawn applications take a while to take effect. Synthetic fertilizers take only a few days.

Many countries around the world prohibit and limit your choice of lawn fertilizer organic or chemical.  Let’s face it, even irresponsible handling of organic fertilizers can be detrimental to the environment and human health.  Organic or chemical lawn fertilizer usage will be around as long as someone is making money off of it.

The choice of lawn fertilizer organic or chemical argument in the United States left up to the consumer. Some states are limiting usage while others could care less. Most states require professional lawn fertilizer applicators to be licensed. I’ve been working in this field for over 30 years and I’ve never heard of anyone about being checked about their credentials. Is the lawn applicators license just another way for states to make money or do they actually care?

Choose lawn fertilizer Most so called natural lawn care companies use both organic and chemical lawn fertilizer.  Have you heard the term Earth Friendly?  It generally means the product is synthetic, just safer than typical step program applications.  There is money to be made by natural lawn companies.  And if their clientele is disappointed because their grass isn’t green enough, well certainly no company wants to loose money so they’ll do whatever it takes.

Lawn Rage want the best of both worlds.  A natural based landscape is imperative.  Most hard-working people command nothing less than a stunning green organic lawn.  We believe we can choose lawn fertilizer synthetic chemicals at appropriate levels and still be responsible to the future dwellers of this planet.


  1. Organic fertilizers definitely have benefits over synthetic fertilizers. I like how you mention about most companies that are so called “organic” actually end up using traditional fertilizers as well. This is true. My company personally has a “hybrid” program which we use 100% organic fertilizer but everything else is the same so the customer still has a relatively weed free lawn. I feel there’s many benefits to organic fertilizer such as it builds the life in the soil which in turn gives you a healthier lawn.

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