Applying Compost Tea

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Applying compost tea enhances what is already an amazing world in healthy organic soil. Organic lawns are not treated with chemical fertilizers or pesticides thus enabling the natural process of the soil food web.

The violence that lies under our feed is where microbes, insects and earthworms eat each other, decay and excrete is how we fertilize the lawn in the organic world. Compost teas just add to the populations and diversity of life down there.

Applying Compost Teas is Easy

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About Compost Tea
Making Compost Tea

Let’s pick-up where we ended off on Making compost tea

The tea has finished brewing and as we know AACT – Actively Aerated Compost Tea needs to be applied as soon as possible before the microorganisms die off and the brew goes anaerobic.

Applying Compost Tea To Lawns

One of the many great things about making our brew is that it can be mixed with water when applying compost tea.

Dr. Elaine Ingram puts it best: “Using water is not considered a dilution but rather a means of transporting the biology into the soil.”

applying compost tea

Applying tea compost can be accomplished many ways.
My favorite application is applying compost tea at full at strength but while it’s raining out. Sure, your feet might get a little wet but I feel the application is thorough.

Applying lawn compost tea can be either a foliar application or a soil drench. Getting lawn compost tea to the roots system as a soil drench is where it is at it most usefulness. Applying it during a moderate rain accomplishes that.

Once again the rain is a means of transporting the biology into the soil. Applying teas while it’s raining is a good practice especially if you have chlorinated water. Chlorine is designed to kill microbes so you can’t generally use city or town water unless it is aerated for a couple of hours before hand.

If you have a chance to collect rain water, that too is an efficient way to make and apply your compost tea. Using well water is also ok.

Another benefit of making compost tea is that you can apply it as many times as you want or need without ever having to worry about damaging the turf.

Applying Lawn Compost Tea
Can be Done Many Ways

apply compost tea

Your lawn tea can be diluted up to 15 times. Meaning one gallon of turf tea to 15 gallons of water but you can use any ratio you want.

As I stated earlier, it can be applied as a foliar application or a soil drench. I suggest getting it into the soil as your best option so it can reach the rhizosphere where it’s at its optimum usefulness.

That is easily accomplished by applying compost tea into the open holes after you aerate your grass. Applying lawn compost tea after you aerate the grass area is the optimum application.

Whether you’re applying lawn compost tea over aerated holes or just your typical treatment, it’s as simple as walking across your lawn and swinging your arm back and forth.

Just fill your typical pump spray containerwith lawn compost tea and chlorine free water. You don’t have to worry about getting the ratios correct, just try to be as consistent as you can. Pump the tank and go!

Walk slowly across your yard trying to apply as much coverage as you can. Overlap your spray pattern when you walk back slowly the opposite way.

Don’t stress about applying too much or about missing small areas. You can always spray more the next opportunity you get.

spraying compost tea

Apply your tea with mycorrhizal spores
after aerating your lawn

how to use compost tea

If you are running off well water then applying compost tea is as easy as hooking up your hose

Using a siphon attached to your outdoor faucet will achieve the 15 parts water to 1 part ratio. Just screw the siphon on to the nozzle attach your hose, put your sprinkler on the lawn.
Syphon connectors are available here

compost tea application

Grab your bucket and place it next to the faucet insert rubber hose into bottom of the bucket, turn the water on and you’re now applying your lawn tea. Nice and easy isn’t it.

compost tea syphon jet

If your water supply is chlorinated, filters are available just make sure you change them often. I’ve never used the filters so I can’t vouch for them.

Also, you can use your hand-held or back pack sprayer,
dilute if you want or apply it straight. Just walk across the lawn area slowly trying to get as much saturation as possible.

Remember you can always apply it again so don’t fret too much if you don’t think you’re putting enough on.

spray compost tea

Here’s Our Applying Compost Tea Video

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About Compost Tea
Making Compost Tea

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  1. N.Stark  September 18, 2014 at 12:43 am

    Should I cover my bucket of compost tea during a heavy, long rain; or even bring it out of the rain altogether? I will be using mine on my garden plants and not the yard. And with this being my first batch, I was unsure of what to do. It was made with organic mushroom compost and rainwater; and I didn’t want it to be washed out or extremely diluted when I got ready to use it.

  2. Charles Snow  March 16, 2015 at 12:42 pm

    How to make tea soution


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