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By Earl McGhee
Hi, I’m Earl, owner of LawnRage.com and Comfylawn. This is our about us organic lawn care page. about usI have been serving the community regarding lawn care for over thirty years. As the global interest regarding the environment has changed so has my attitude toward how I run my safe lawn care company. Developing a resource for my natural lawn care customers is what motivated me to begin this website project. Little did I know Lawnrage.com and Comfylawn would develop into an organic lawn care research site for the entire world.

As public awareness regarding lawn chemicals and their effects on the environment and health increases, more and more interest in a natural approach to lawn care is obvious if not mandatory by some jurisdictions.

As an ex – AOLCP, accredited organic land care professional, the challenge of teaching individuals that there is a better way to have a beautiful lawn with minimal use of chemicals has certainly been rewarding. Based on my experience regarding organic lawn care and most of the “standards” set by NOFA, I felt the necessity of developing this website further to help spread the knowledge while giving confidence to the public. To learn about us is to just browse our website, participate and enjoy.

I am no longer considered an AOLCP because of my different views than that of NOFA’s. I believe there is an in between option, where we can incorporate small amounts of synthetic fertilizers into an organic landscape. I have the utmost respect for the teaching of NOFA and would recommend them to anyone that strictly believes in organic lawn care.

If there are some writings that you are familiar with, it’s because LawnRage.com is continuation of comfylawn.com. I needed to separate my organic lawn research site from my actual organic lawn care company. It also gave us the opportunity to take this subject to a higher level. Not only being available on smart phone and touch pads but to focus on a whole new environmental thinking.

Lawnrage.com About Us

Lawnrage.com began January 2013. As the header states “Can synthetic and organic fertilizers coincide?”, we are preparing an about us research site to find out if our theory works.

We will be testing our soil’s structure, microbe populations among many other ideas.

Lawnrage.com will also be discussion forum and hopefully it becomes a functional organic lawn workshop.

Comfylawn is an organic lawn care company I started several years ago. Now, not only do we offer lawn care services but we also develop video download programs to help simplify the learning process with regards to understanding the importance of healthy soil without the dependence on chemicals.

Lawnrage.com also offers an array of natural lawn care products about us available at our store. From soil testing equipment to grass seed we have all your needs for your project at great prices. Lawn mowing replacement parts and everything lawn care is available for quick shipping.

If at any time you have questions or concerns please contact me: earl@lawnrage.com

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